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ssd studio_elemental house_Dusk_Entry_edited.jpg
ssd studio_elemental house_Dusk_Shannon Dand Photographer.jpg

Elemental House

On Darkinjung Land

Construction :

Precast Concrete Walls

Concrete slab on ground

Steel and timber frame

Lysaght Enseam Cladding +


Locally sourced and milled

timber soffit

Aluminium Windows

Sandstone block retaining 


Location : Dooralong  NSW

Builder : Michael Heuchen


Completion : 2021

Photography :

Sophie Solomon

Shannon Dand

Yasmin Mund

" Perched atop a hillside on a 20 acre property, the geometric form utilises a pared back material palette of stone, timber, concrete and glass to connect with it's sublime surrounds. With it's grand scale and proportions, the house presents a dialogue between architecture and towering landscape. 

An absolute feat ! "

The Design Files, 2021

ssd studio_Elemental house_exterior_Yasmin Mund Photographer.jpg
ssd studio_elemental house_View from Pool_Shannon Dand Photography.jpg
ssd studio_Elemental House_Dam view .JPG
ssd studio_Elemental House_ Dining 01.JP
ssd studio_Elemental House_Kitchen_Dining.JPG
ssd studio_elemental house_Kitchen-Dining_Shannon Dand Photographer.jpeg
ssd studio_elemental house_Dining 02_Shannon Dand Photography.jpeg
ssd studio_Elemental House_ Living Room.JPG
ssd studio_Elemental House_Kitchen view_Sophie Solomon Photographer.JPG
ssd studio_Elemental House_Kitchen_Sophie Solomon Potogrpaher.JPG
ssd studio_Elemental House_Living_Sophie Solomon Photographer.JPG
ssd studio_Elemental House_Rear Entry_Stair_Sophie Solomon PhotographerJPG.JPG
ssd studio_Elemental House_Back entry + Stair.JPG
ssd studio_Elemental House_Bed 01_Sophie Solomon Photographer.JPG
ssd studio_Elemental House_ Bed 02_Sophie Solomon Photographer.JPG
ssd studio_elemental house_Bathroom_Shannon Dand Photographer.jpeg
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