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Byera Hadley - Q10 House , Ho Chi Minh City

The Q10 House was the first completed project for young Architect Pham Xuan Nghia , one of the Co-Founders of Hanoi based Architecture and Urban Design Practice Studio 8 . With an incredible list of projects completed and under construction in just three years of practice and offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Sydney the passion and commitment of this practice is outstanding.

While the facade of the Q10 house is remarkable aesthetically , the simplicity hides a rigour and attention to detail that highlights the uncompromising and rigorous approach that was taken to design this house for three generations of a family from the North of Vietnam on an incredibly tight budget . The house was designed for half the cost of a similar sized house in the area .

The layout is driven by the programme, environmental and cost factors . Circulation is located to separate the private areas of the client's family and those of his parents , while they all share the open plan living and dining room with kitchen .

The site is tiny, yet the house feels incredibly spacious , with voids bringing in light and ventilation to every room , further reducing cost.

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